Sunday, December 10, 2006

the weekend....

This weekend started out very rough and by rough I mean something around 20 degrees with the windchill. Uuhh...did I mention how I don't like to go outside when it's cold? Yeah...that's still the same.

My homie Kristal and I decided on Thursday we'd go down to Adams Morgan and hang out at Bukom, a local West African restaurant/bar. Needless to say once I saw the temperature report for Friday, that was a no-go. I know I'll have to get out of this soon- I will need groceries in January again-but I can't just jump out there into sub-zero weather. I do that on the way to work and I barely make to the train station without a snotty never can tell when your nose is nasty in winter and that's just one more reason to stay cozy indoors.

On the brighter side of things, friday turned out to be really cool, no pun intended...Another friend was conned into comming over( a ploy by myself when she wanted to borrow the vacuum) and we ended up playing my favorite game, Scrabble. The shits addictive really it is....especially when you're winning ....we went through all the old times from college romances gone wrong, having to keep some knucklehead off of a friend, getting caught cheating and all the other dramas that happened in our dorm room. the night was beautiful and all indoors with heat-provided by my landlord.

Saturday was by far the best though....2 words Home Depot....I ended up getting a power drill to finally put together my home library and plants to make this place home. Visual noise is serious problem that f*cks with your psyche. I have soooo many boxes with books and books and books to put away, but thanks to the depot I'll be good by later this evening.

I'm living the simple life....just happy to have good friends,scrabble and a power drill make up my weekend.....ahhh life is good.......

Saturday, December 02, 2006

being too critical?

Two nights ago I went out for the first real time alone in DC. I staggered out, despite feeling completely drained by work, to see my favorite production of all time, A Raisin in the Sun. Somewhere around 7th grade I fell in love with Lorraine Hansberry's seminal work and was committed to playing Beneatha one way or another. In the Spring of 2005 I got my chance on stage at the Carver Theater in Birmingham.
See my photo with Asagai...<--------

In addition to being directed by my favorite director, Niyi Coker, A Raisin turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences ( at least in my adult life). It'd been a while since I'd done any acting and getting back to a great form of self-expression was what I really needed at that point in life ( i.e. crazy ass boyfriend, too much adult responsibility, other people's respoonsibility, caring for children, raising adults, you know the usual crisis-forming scenarios).

Given that background, as I left the theater I started to wonder if I was being too subjective in my critique of the production at H street's Atlas theater. It's opening night and most of the kinks in production get worked around week 1. Seated, I found myself reciting lines and remembering the blocking & passion I had in my performance. Intermission is when it really hit me, I need to cut that shit out....Let these people perform the piece like they want to , like they've rehearsed. Yeah,yeah, yeah, I gets that way sometimes...meditation helps most of the time, but being away from my nag champas and floor pillows I found it difficult to really get free. I eventually did, of course and by the time Act II rolled around, the actors had warmed up and I'd cooled down...enough to really enjoy the play. Laughing out loud (i meanLOuD) and seeing the actors for their rendition of a truly magnificent work.
The show ended and even though I didn't find myself giving a standing ovation, I could truly appreciate others loving what I'd fell in love with a long time ago. Congrats on a fab opening night Cast......and umm look out for me, coming soon to an audition near you....

Throughout the play I enjoyed the gentlemen who played Asagai. His Nigerian accent was stellar and so was his performance. Lively, passionate, get my vote of superior, you and mama, and walter, and ruth...Keep the embers burning.....I was just hating that's