Friday, September 14, 2007

Random neighborhood observations.......

I've been meaning to blog about the random crazy cookie cow shit I was greeted with when I return to DC. Some how,err I don't know child rearing has put my attention elsewhere. But now that the youngun's sleep and I just returned from a whimsical sidewalk journey up my block, I figure what better time than now to write it all up.

I guess I should preface this rant with the fact that my experience in DC can only be compared to where I've lived before , i.e. my other normal and abnormal living situations. My spots in Alabama and Georgia, hell even living in Ghana were freaking penthouses compared to the rat hole spot I'm chillin in now. My apartment isn't crap, what makes this city living a challenge are the following: the crackheads that hang out on the corner next to the bank, the countless "big booty bent over" fliers that I have to step over on my way to the train, or the smell of boiling piss when I try take a shortcut through the alley to get to the train.

Even when I lived in the projects, I didn't encounter as much tomfoolery. I mean who wants to buy a damn 10 pack of cheap ass toothbrushes from a man with his pants held up by a rope? I sure as hell don't.

Who wants to buy a pair of size seven pleather boots from a lady with no visible teeth? I sure as hell don't want none of that........ Did I neglect to mention that this is all within a block of my front door. My lovely front door to my lovely apartment with my lovely mother and daughter posted up inside......

Really, I'm just ranting cause funny things aren't as funny as they used to be. I know that things like this happen in any city, but when the people you would share a laugh about it with are miles just ain't the same......So I guess these damn crazies are only helping me to make my decision to catch out of this wigged out c-i-t-y....... *Sigh*

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