Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oh yes....I'm back in here....

Hello all my adoring fans... I am happy to announce I am back in the building...with the success of my former blogs... and my not so successful but very attractive blog.. and my overly viewed full of randomness blog on , I've decided to devote a blog to a happy medium of all great and not so great aspects of my former blogs.. Get Ready for a bunch of something...that'll probably consist of the following......
1.Interesting happenings in the world of HIV/AIDS and poverty reduction
2. Feminism and the modern world/the black community latest passion-whatever it may be on said date
4. female genital mutiliation/cutting- terminology......depending how much of a feminist I feel like on said date
5. Love and my predictions on what makes it good-not that sappy...i can't live without you stuff either...this'll be something of the buddhist/free love paradigm
6.running- 5-10K marathons and sprinting through local Georgia neighborhoods
7.Thai food and my passion for it and men who recognize good curry/masman paste
8.Fashion- ecletic styles and thrift store luck ups....although I don't really consider it luck ...more like my style gods personal deliveries
9...insert other point of randomness here

So....sit back strap up and strap we go on another of life's wonderful journeys!

luv InTn so. grL

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emeeul said...

first comment. thank you very much.